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Does Open Source Matter in Cloud Computing and the Future Internet?

Cedric Thomas - CEO, OW2 consortium

Join industry experts, technologists and open source practitioners for a lively discussion on the role of open source in the fast-paced cloud computing market. 

While the market is dominated by proprietary cloud service vendors, open source technologies seem to be driving innovation in cloud computing technologies. After years of catching up with proprietary software in commoditized enterprise computing segments, open source is now creating value in areas such as virtualization, big data, infrastructure, cloud management, SDN/NFV, etc. Cloud computing is being shaped by antagonistic forces between the open source approach to push the boundaries of technology through collaborative innovation and proprietary strategies aimed at to developing market positions and competitive advantages. 

We know open source is defined by four basic rules for the usage, the discovery, the modification and the sharing of software code; but how does this apply in a cloud computing market where what is delivered is not software but a service? Rather than code access isn't cloud computing openness defined in terms of service interoperability? These questions are relevant not only for cloud computing but also for the Internet of the Future at large. Without doubt, a majority of Future applications will be running on cloud computing platforms. 

Attendees in this session will have a unique opportunity to confront ideas and outline the landscape of cloud computing and future internet platform technologies. Attendees will leave the session with answers to questions such as: Is open source software important in cloud computing? What is cloud service interoperability? What open source technologies really matter in cloud computing? What is open cloud? How does open cloud relate to open source software? Does open source facilitate or hinder the growth of cloud computing usage? Who have the most / the least incentive to promote open source software in cloud computing? 

Speakers at the session will include software vendors as well as cloud service vendors, open source promoters as well as proprietary vendors, users as well as technology and service providers. Such a diverse array of presenters and experiences will undoubtedly make for a lively discussion.

This session will be organized under the umbrella of the OCEAN FP7 project.




Setting the stage.

cedric.thomas's picture Cedric Thomas CEO, OW2 consortium Projects: OCEAN, CHOReOS, RISCOSS

In this talk we explain how the open cloud computing industry ecosystem is evolving. This is not a talk about technology but about the forces that shape the cloud computing industry. We show how after becoming a rival to proprietary software in all segment of enterprise computing, open source software in now driving innovation in cloud computing. We explain the specific nature of open source in cloud computing and we evaluate its strengths and limitations. In this context, we position and analyze the strategies and probable evolutions of the main open source communities that constitute the open cloud ecosystem. While new technologies are quickly becoming mature on the cloud execution layer (or IaaS) front thanks to communities such as OpenStack and Apache, everything remains to be done on the upper layers (or PaaS) of the cloud-oriented information system. 


OCEAN ( ) is a support action project supported by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration. The main mission of OCEAN is to support European Open Source cloud projects (especially FP7 projects). The objective is to identify the projects, position them in relation to each other, show where the gaps and the interoperability opportunities are. By helping to organize the open cloud R&D landscape we contribute to creating a unique, sustainable open cloud ecosystem. OCEAN provides a number of support services to open source cloud projects including the Open Cloud Directory (, code quality and interoperability testing services and we also organize interoperability events. In ghe talk we will present the OCEAN services and explain how projects can be involved. 

yglikman's picture Yuri Glikman Fraunhofer FOKUS

The presentation will show how OpenNebula is impacting the adoption of cloud computing and enabling business models based on open-source cloud technology. First, most organizations adopt cloud to optimize their IT investment, to improve existing services or to support new business and service models. In this scenario, open-source lowers the barriers for new organizations to build their private cloud. Second, many organizations like the fact that open source allows great customization to meet individual requirements. They can build a differentiated cloud service to meet customers needs or to offer new cloud provision models for a specific market segment or geography. Third, open-source also encourages and supports innovation in the development of new cloud products. We have seen many examples of how its use lowers the barriers for new ICT players to create their own cloud offerings. Finally, collaboration between technology providers and users is a huge advantage in the open source arena, OpenNebula is providing a framework to work together to build an open interoperable cloud ecosystem.

illorente's picture Ignacio Llorente Director, OpenNebula Project
Panel Discussion

To conclude this session our speakers will be joined by "Grand Witnesses" including Keith Jeffery, Chair EC Cloud Expert Group. Attendees will be invited to voice their opinions, to support or challenge ideas and analysis developed during the afternoon.  

cedric.thomas's picture Cedric Thomas CEO, OW2 consortium Projects: OCEAN, CHOReOS, RISCOSS
illorente's picture Ignacio Llorente Director, OpenNebula Project
kjeffery's picture Prof. Keith G. Jeffery President ERCIM, Chair EC Cloud Expert Group
yglikman's picture Yuri Glikman Fraunhofer FOKUS
Wednesday, 19 Mar
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CEO, OW2 consortium
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Fraunhofer FOKUS
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Director, OpenNebula Project
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President ERCIM, Chair EC Cloud Expert Group