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Evolution of FIRE: Facilities, Services and Collaboration Strategies for Sustainability - Part I

Hans Schaffers - Aalto University School of Business, Centre for Knowledge and Innovation Research
Jean-Charles Point - JCP-Consult
Milon Gupta - Eurescom GmbH
Proponent Projects:

The key objective of this workshop is to explore ways of making FIRE facilities and services sustainable after EC funding has expired. FIRE has brought Europe several large-scale test beds and platforms addressing a broad range of technologies, applications and services for the Future Internet. These facilities enable research in key Future Internet technologies and have already supported advanced experiments proving that experimentally-driven research and innovation are key mechanisms for the development of the Future Internet. 

From this point of departure, this workshop will discuss the envisaged pathways of FIRE towards sustainability, based on an analysis of its existing capabilities and resources, the current and future demand for FIRE testbed services, and the positioning of FIRE facilities within the Future Internet ecosystem. 

The workshop identifies and discusses opportunities for technical, infrastructural, service-related, business and organizational collaboration towards economic viability within as well as outside of FIRE, in particular addressing FIRE’s role in relation to other large-scale Future Internet initiatives as well as towards the demands of business players. 

The future role of FIRE is explored as regards providing a platform for European SME innovation and business creation. The workshop targets potential providers of testbeds, FIRE projects, developers and operators of facilities from FIRE, the FI-PPP and EIT ICT Labs, Living Labs, national and regional testbeds, and users - or potential users - of such facilities, including SMEs and large enterprises.



This session identifies the current and future demands and requirements from users of FIRE facilities and services, from e.g. large enterprises, SMEs, Future Internet initiatives, EIT ICT Labs and other. Speakers will represent current and future stakeholders of FIRE.

Moderator: Hans Schaffers (Aalto University, AmpliFIRE)


  • Florian Schreiner (Fraunhofer Fokus / EIT ICT Labs, FANTAASTIC): ”Towards sustainable Future Internet testbeds for Europe's ICT education, research and innovation - Commercial roll-out of Testbed-as-a-Service”
  • Maurizio Cecchi (Telecom Italia, XIFI): "FI-PPP and SME's demands to the utilisation of FIRE facilities and services"
  • Stefan Bouckaert (iMinds, AmpliFIRE): “Experimentation demands and expectations of Future Internet stakeholders: The iLab.t use case and implications for FIRE”.
  • Discussion (45')

This session focuses on the evolving role of FIRE facilities and user services as platform for supporting  innovation and business creation. Emphasis will be on SMEs. Whereas high technology startup types of SME have been users of and contributors to FIRE, commercial SMEs are as well potential users of experimental platforms during their product development phases, and FI-PPP facilities and more industrial testbeds are well-suited for deployment testing.

Moderator: Jean-Charles Point (JCP-C, FUSION)


  • Donal Morris (Redzinc, FUSION): “SME demands related to using FIRE facilities
  • Dimitrios Karvounas (WING ICT Solutions): ”Experiences from experimenting with a FIRE facility: the CREW testbed"
  • Wim Vandenberghe (iMINDS, FED4FIRE): “SMEs benefiting from FIRE: The FED4FIRE Open Call”
  • Discussion (45')
Monday, 17 Mar
Pre-FIA Workshop