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Testbed Interoperability - Part II

Halid Hrasnica - Programme Manager, Eurescom GmbH
Mr Anastasius Gavras - Eurescom GmbH
Proponent Projects:
FP7 OpenLab, FP7 Fed4FIRE

The Internet is one of the key enablers to tackle the societal grant challenges considered within the Horizon 2020 programme addressing so-called non-ICT sectors such as Health, Energy, Transport, Inclusion, etc. It is of utmost importance that the evolution of the Internet (the “Future Internet”) takes into account these grand challenges and that the research and development in this domain gets access to advanced tools and experimental infrastructures to validate new solutions at different levels, including applications needed and developed by the mentioned sectors.

FIRE is approaching experimentation from two angles: the “FIRE facilities”, i.e. test beds or groups of test beds that offer services to experimenters for advanced Future Internet related experimentations; and “FIRE research projects”, which investigate new concepts and issues in relation with Future Internet, and can also, perform Future Internet experimentations. Supporting a wide range of innovative experimentations allows the right pieces to be put together, where FIRE can be considered as a critical enabler serving wide ICT and non-ICT research communities.

In this context the Fed4FIRE and OpenLab projects take the initiative to organise a workshop that will give the opportunity to interested experts meet and discuss the different aspects of the endeavour. In particular this workshop will focus on standardisation, experience reports from experimentation, and tools for experimentation. The targeted audience are owners and operators of experimental infrastructures for the Future Internet, Standardisation experts that seek to apply common tools and approaches for managing the experiments, and researchers applying an experimentally driven research towards systems and services for the Future Internet.

This workshop follows on two successful past workshops, namely the FIRE research workshop that took place in Budapest in May 2011 and the FIRE engineering workshop that took place in Ghent in December 2012.


  • OpenLab-Eclectic: A new tool for testbed management for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications, Sree Harsha
  • EXPRESS: Implementing an SDN infrastructure over a federation of OpenLab testbeds , Stefano Salsano
  • Supporting federation with the jFed framework, Wim Vandenberghe - iMinds, Fed4FIRE
  • Controlling experiments, Thanasis Korakis
  • INFINITY CDF/XIPI: A taxonomy of FI-ICT infrastructures for an open Web repository, Pedro Luis Chas Alonso
  • XIFI - eXperimental Infrastructure for the Future Internet , Federico Facca
Panel Discussion
Monday, 17 Mar
Pre-FIA Workshop