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FIA2014 has started: Welcome and tips

Welcome to the Future Internet Assembly of 2014 in Athens.

Access to the venue:

  • Please check the directions provided by on how to reach the venue by public means of transport. Enter the venue ('Megaron Athens International Conference Center' or simply 'Megaron') via the main entrance of the smaller building on the left and walk straight and down the stairs until you reach the FIA2014 registration desk.
  • If you come by car, you can use the P2 parking at the venue ( and use the elevators to reach Level 0 (Skalkotas Hall), where the registration desk is.

Badge and conference material pick-up:

  • Please report to the registration desk upon your arrival at the venue, in order to get your badge, pocket program and delegate pack.

Build of exhibition:

  • The build of the exhibition will take place during Monday in the main foyer of the event areas, so we kindly ask for your understanding for the inconvenience that this may cause.

WiFi services:

  • GRNET offers eduroam, as well as the 'fia' SSID. Check the venue signage for credentials.

Watch FIA2014 core sessions via live streaming:

  • GRNET’s live streaming service 'DIAVLOS' supports FIA2014, providing live streaming for all plenary sessions, as well as for parallel sessions taking place at the ~okeanos, Diavlos and ViMa halls during 18-20 March.


FLEX_project: FLEX project participated in @FIAATHENS2014 with a poster 9 years 10 months ago
celarfp7: We've been admiring ourselves in the @FIAAthens2014 photos - lots of videos and images of #fia_athens on their site 10 years 2 weeks ago

News & Updates

16/03/2014 FIA2014 has started: Welcome and tips

Welcome to the Future Internet Assembly of 2014 in Athens.

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12/03/2014 On-line registration has expired

On-site registration will be possible during the event.

19/02/2014 Press Release

FIA Athens 2014 Brings Together Key European Internet Stakeholders this March in Athens to...

13/11/2013 Welcome to FIA Athens 2014!

This year FIA focuses on reshaping the Future Internet infrastructure for innovation