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Jonathan Murray
Associate Researcher, University of California, Berkeley & Co-Founder, Innovia Ventures

Jonathan is EVP & Chief Technology Officer at Warner Music Group where he is responsible for the company’s global technology strategy, IT Service delivery and the design and implementation of a transformative – cloud computing based - Digital Services Platform.
Jonathan joined Warner Music Group from Innovia Ventures where he was a founding partner and prior to that spent sixteen years in various executive roles with Microsoft including Vice President of the company’s Public Sector Technology Office and Vice President of Global Account Sales where he was responsible for leading the company’s engagement with its top 40 enterprise customers.
Last year Jonathan coined the term ‘The Composable Enterprise’[1] to describe a radical approach to organizational transformation based on modern software architecture principles and his agenda-defining presentation[2] at the recent Cloud Foundry summit is seen as a road-map for next generation of enterprise IT.
Jonathan is a published[3] research fellow with the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a regular speaker on cloud computing technology and policy issues and an advisor to several technology investment funds, the European Commission and the OECD. In 2014 Jonathan was elected to the Economist’s ‘Agenda Digital 50’.
Jonathan blogs occasionally at and can be found on Twitter as @Adamalthus.
Jonathan commutes between New York and Vienna where he and his wife Iris – a professional equestrian - live with their dogs Bingo and Annouka and their horses. He is a certified (certifiable) music, photo and video technology geek

[1] “The Composable Enterprise”

[2] “From Zero to Factory: Revolutionizing 'Time-to-Value' Through the Industrialization of Enterprise IT”

[3] “Diffusing the Cloud: Cloud Computing and Implications for Public Policy”
The Third Globalization: Can Wealthy Nations Stay Rich in the Twenty-First Century?”


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