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Elio Salvadori

Dr. Elio Salvadori graduated in Telecommunications Engineering (Laurea) at the Politecnico di Milano in 1997 and then worked as network planner and systems engineer in Nokia Networks and Lucent Technologies until November 2001,  when he moved to the University of Trento to pursue his Ph.D. degree on Information and Communication Technologies. He has joined CREATE-NET in 2005 where he has been acting as Area Head of the Engineering & Fast Prototyping (ENGINE) group from 2008 to 2012. After a short experience as CEO of a public-private company involved in a local FTTH network deployment, he moved back to CREATE-NET in February this year. His team is (and has been) involved in several FP7 European projects like DICONET, CHRON, OFELIA, ALIEN, GN3+ DREAMER, PRISTINE, INSPACE on SDN and optical technologies, and on FI-PPP INFINITY and XIFI projects on Future Internet testbeds. He is currently acting as project coordinator for the FP7 European project NetIDE.


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